Content Development

This could take the form of a phone call during the story-development process, a review of your synopsis, or a revision read of the entire manuscript. I can help you develop a more impactful, marketable story idea; suggest solutions for any plotting or characterization issues; let you know what is working; and point out which areas could use more attention. 

Stylistic Editing

Once your story is complete and revised, I can do a stylistic edit. Stylistic editing is a crucial stage, especially for fiction. This is where I can make your story shine! I will edit it for flow, style and impact, and remove or alert you to repetition and plot holes. I'll ensure you're hitting the right note to appeal to readers and publishers. 


Do you feel confident that your story is as strong as it can be? It's time to copyedit! As a copyeditor, I will ensure your grammar and punctuation are correct and consistent. I'll make sure your work complies with whichever style guide you're using. I'll alert you to anything potentially libelous or any references that may require permissions. 


Has your book already been thoroughly edited? Now you need a proofread. During this stage I will do a very careful read of your final product, looking for anything that may have been missed at the previous editing stages. I'll correct any errors and correct or alert you to formatting issues or inconsistencies throughout the book. This is an important final step to ensure your work is error free. 

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Rates vary depending on the level of work required. Please contact me for a free quote! 



Over the years, many of Laura’s line edits have come to me for copyediting, and without exception they’ve demonstrated her professionalism and top-notch editorial skills. Her markup and author queries reveal her editorial talents as well as her collaborative approach to the editorial process. She offers her authors feedback designed to make their stories shine while ensuring that they remain in control of their message and voice. She has a knack for finding elegant solutions to problems whether at the level of plotting or sentence mechanics. And having known Laura for many years, I can vouch for how lovely she is to work with!

                                                                Heather Martin, copyeditor at HM Editorial Services

Laura Barth has both the ability to recognize raw talent and the dedication to smooth and polish that talent until it shines.  She and I have worked closely together on eight books.  Thanks to her tireless efforts, my books won the Golden Rose and National Readers' Choice Awards, and received two prestigious Top Picks from RT Book Reviews.  I highly recommend Laura to any writer who is looking for quality editorial services.


Leigh Duncan, author of Butterfly Kisses 

Laura and I have worked together on 18 books over multiple years. There’s no question my growth as an author can be directly attributed to her editorial abilities. She always has a canny knack for finding that one (or three) things that any story needs to take it from good to amazing. Those character issues or plot holes an author is often too close to recognize. However, she’s definitely collaborative in her approach and values the author’s ownership of the work. Her patience and genuine desire to see the project succeed and become the best book possible shine through in everything that she does. Working with Laura is a joy and I highly recommend her to any author seeking editorial services.

                                                                           Kira Sinclair, author of Up in Flames

During my time working with Laura at Harlequin, it didn’t take long for me to learn what an exceptional person she is. Professional, insightful, and deeply considerate, she’s everything you could want in an editor. Her many years of experience in the industry are evident in her keen eye for plot and character development and her expert hand. She's extremely dedicated to the authors she works with, knows what hooks a reader, and what keeps them turning the pages, elevating every story she works on. You simply can’t go wrong with Laura.

                                                                         Kate Studer, editor at Paper Poppy Editorial

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